Thank you!

The Spring 2015 Showcase was a true success. Thank you so much to everyone who attended and supported the work.

Be sure to check out the showcase pages and our new instagram feed #northstreetcollective for pictures and other media from the incredible day.

The showcase, with its exhibits, interactive events, food, and live music, was a glimpse into our mission and vision of our organization. At its core, North Street is a home for creativity and the creative process. Through our programs, we want to discover what creativity is, how it works, and the ways in which we might elevate and celebrate it as an essential component in our lives—as individuals, for this town, and for our future as a society. Currently, we are hosting artist residencies, apprenticeships, workshops, exhibits, pop-up art events, movie nights, and showcases, in order to explore the ways in which creativity can…

 ~ Empower us ~ Help us solve problems ~ Connect us ~ Invite us to listen to each other ~ Find solutions ~ Savor and enjoy what we have ~ 

Much of the work that happens here inspired by a seasonal theme. For the Spring 2015 showcase, it was Noel’s “What can be made from a single tree?” In the future, it might be “The Pomo Trail,” or “The Future of Food,” “Play,”Railroads,” or perhaps, “Circuit of the Senses.”  The artists featured in the Spring 2015 showcase were present to answer any questions guests might have about their experience, engage in conversation, toast a new idea, or even think about a commission!

As our guests noticed, we are still in the process of building the space. Maybe you have ideas about ways to move forward? Partnership we might build? Other models to draw from? People to invite? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Eventually, in addition to what you already see here, we hope to have at least four or five living spaces for artists, as well as much indoor and outdoor workspace as possible. You can also see the beginnings of our creativity lending library on the front porch today. The sky’s the limit for our future programs: we will grow organically from the inventive imagination of the people who come here and the dots we can connect.

Creative energy is everywhere in Willits. There are so many exciting and powerful creative efforts to celebrate and learn from, including Nuestra Allianza, the Willits Kids Club, Wowzer, Willits Shakespeare Company, Ecology Action, the Little Lake Grange and Farm School, both of our newspapers, Commonwealth Garden, the Pub, Muse, Mendocino County Museum, Blue Sky Gallery, the Willits Center for the Arts, and so much more. From this foundation, imagine a future where artists are at work “in residence” all around town, and even the entire county. Wouldn’t that be powerful? Maybe it’s time to start artist workshops in the empty storefronts in the large building on southwest corner of Main and Commercial? Why not include residencies across Mendocino County as part of our economic and social planning? What if we had an artist-in-residence with the forest service, or shared across health care organizations? Or artists partnered with our small businesses? Imagine what both could learn from each other, and the compelling solutions that might just arise from working and creating side by side.

We’re looking forward to continuing to discover the possibilities.

North Street Collective