inspiration : inspiration: gordon hempton

“I hear music coming from everywhere, and what I call music is basically defined as this: while I’m listening to it, do I want to dance? And when it’s over, do I find myself kind of, like, humming it? Has it affected it? Myself, have I internalized it? Am I now living out those dance steps just in the way I interact with people or carry myself down the path? And I hear music coming from the land. Some of the most sublime symphonies have been hidden away in something as simple as a driftwood log…”

Gordon Hempton is founder and vice president of The One Square Inch of Silence Foundation based in Indianola, Washington. His books include, together with John Grossman, One Square Inch of Silence: One Man’s Quest to Preserve Quiet. He has produced more than 60 albums of natural soundscapes.


Gordon Hempton — Silence and the Presence of Everything

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