inspiration : What our artists are saying…      

Reflections from our 2018 Artists in Residence…

“The support of the North Street Collective helped me feel more capable as an artist while instilling in me that artists have responsibility (both environmental and social) to the places and people that they are inspired by.”

“The residency was absolutely wonderful in every way & I’m incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to have taken part.”

“My relationships with the community and the other residents has been the biggest takeaway from the experience! I was also fortunate to create a new body of work during our time together, and have the opportunity to enjoy a special and beautiful place.”

“I loved having all the time to work! Especially with other writers- I usually share space with artists, and it was great just having these little pockets of quiet work space around the house. While I was there, I made this twitterbot;, wrote a magazine article, talked to a lot of locals about the highway overpass, and started some planning work for a new videogame about domestic space and ecology. It was a great time!”

“All living things are connected. I learned I could survive in a new place, surrounded by strangers, and be creative. I learned to trust myself and others, more open without judgement, and make artwork outdoors without a formal designated space. The wisdom and love shared by my cohorts is something I will always cherish.”

“This residency really allowed me to be process-oriented instead of strictly goal-oriented, and that resulted in me finishing a piece that I didn’t expect to even start. It was just an ideal place to experiment and allow work to organically unfold in a way that felt pretty revelatory. One of the most personally productive residencies I’ve had.”

“We realized that we could expand our practice into new mediums and materials. Having the time to slow down and taking away the pressures and stresses of our typical routine allowed us to relax into creating from a new and fun approach.”

“I made major headway in a new body of work that I was preparing to show immediately on returning to New York – now my show is up and I’ve had a bit more chance to reflect on the work I did, and I know that my time at North Street was absolutely crucial to pushing this work forward.  One of the biggest ideas of my show – how language and communication are affected by digital technology – was largely made manifest at North Street. I also completed a large work that was totally unique and felt like a major new step – and risk.  Now that I have a bit of distance from it – and am getting responses to it from my home community in NY – I am seeing how much the time and space really meant.”


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