News : Open Letter to Our Community

Dear alumni, guest artists, supporters, and friends of the North Street Collective,

Things have been so quiet—and lonely!—here these past months. It’s hard to describe how much we miss you, the vibrant community of artists and makers who have lived and worked and gathered here over the years.

There’s no getting around the truth: it’s been a hard time. Finding ways to be safe, physically distant, and productive, while keeping close connections, maintaining creative momentum, and staying hopeful is no easy task. We have found solace in remembering and celebrating you: your ideas, energy, curiosity, and enthusiasms. We’ve also been planning for the future, thinking through all aspects of North Street’s work, including our identity, program design, operations, resource development, and stewardship.

Right now, we think we’ll be able to open our next application cycle in August 2021 and, hopefully, relaunch the bulk of our programs next year. We have some ideas for pop-up workshops and community days that we’ll be exploring more in the coming months. In the meantime, we hope to hear from you and showcase your work with our community.

With best wishes for good health, light, and love in 2021,

Natasha and the whole North Street Collective Family
North Street Collective