News : Artist Spotlight: Kadi Franson

“I recently got married, and was so happy to invite my North Street co-residents, Pam and Briahn, to be a part of the virtual celebration. I continue to feel immense gratitude for the support, time, and community that the North Street residency facilitated…”
…Artist Kadi Fransen checks in from Utah!

What are you working on these days? 

In November, I was fortunate to go on a 3-week artist residency that enabled me to complete a large-scale drawing series called Huecos and Wormholes. The current challenge is finding places to show! I am also working on a few children’s book projects.

What has helped sustain you, and your creative practice, during this challenging time? 

Family, friends, and other artists. Reading. Quitting all social media. Being outside as much as possible, and maintaining a nature journal.

In what way has your time and connection to North Street continued to influence your work? 

The aesthetics, materiality, and conceptual intent of the series that I created during my North Street residency has continued to manifest in various ways in the work that I make today – the super sculpey clay experiments from back then have evolved into porcelain – I now own my own kiln. The conceptual themes that I was exploring at the time, looking at examples of fantastic resilience and interdependence in nature, have cropped up again and again in different ways.

What message(s) do you have for the North Street community?

Protect your light – Keep faith in your practice. 

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