My creative process has always been closely tied with building and the most elegant building project is a bird’s nest.  In most species the male does the nest building. He finds a favorable site, gathers materials, builds his nest, and tries to attract a mate to join him in it. I like to imagine just how this process plays out and what subtle qualities of site placement, structure, balance, and aesthetics the female takes into account when making her decision.

My reasons for building a series of nests in recent years are less straightforward.  They are partially an exploration of my own ideas about home.  Partially a tip of the cap to those master bird builders.  Partially a form of protest.  Occasionally, they are a way to say ‘thank you.’

I thoroughly enjoy making them; the meditative quality of the repetitive work as well as the physicality of it.  Thanks for reading. Thanks for looking. Thanks for coming to the show.

The artist(s):

Noel Woodhouse

This piece featured in:

Showcase 2013

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