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Advice for future North Street Artists from the Class of 2018...

“Surrender to the time, the freedom to create, and the opportunity to connect with people and place.” “Revel in the light of place, space, and community of Willits!” “The open houses /artist presentation nights are amazing! You’ll meet so many wonderful people. Go into them with an open heart.” “Prepare for a warm community of […]

What our artists are saying…      

Reflections from our 2018 Artists in Residence… “The support of the North Street Collective helped me feel more capable as an artist while instilling in me that artists have responsibility (both environmental and social) to the places and people that they are inspired by.” “The residency was absolutely wonderful in every way & I’m incredibly […]

Five Years Ago...

Flashback to the blog where it all started! Here is what we were up to six years ago, when this whole adventure began…  


Practical toolkits from artists and art organizations for creative, artist-led community projects and programs… we will be using these in the future for sure!

Inspiration: Word of Mouth

We are excited about the new local magazine, Word of Mouth, a publication about Mendocino’s local food community.

inspiration: kaze no denwa

Thousands of people have made the pilgrimage to the “wind telephone”– located in a private garden overlooking the ocean in Otsuchi Town, Japan– and thousands more continue to visit in hopes of making peace with their loss, as if they can talk to their lost relatives through nothing more than the elements of nature. While […]

inspiration: gordon hempton

“I hear music coming from everywhere, and what I call music is basically defined as this: while I’m listening to it, do I want to dance? And when it’s over, do I find myself kind of, like, humming it? Has it affected it? Myself, have I internalized it? Am I now living out those dance […]

inspiration: marie watt

“We are received in blankets, and we leave in blankets.” “Through my work, I gather stories that tether me to place and community.” Marie Watt (b. 1967) is an American artist. Her work draws from history, biography, protofeminism, and Indigenous principles, and addresses the interaction of the arc of history with the intimacy of memory. […]

inspiration: brainpickings

One of our favorite blogs, Brainpickings, the turns ten this week. Here are the top ten lessons Maria Popova has learned in her decade of work on the site:

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