Mission and Vision

North Street’s mission is to provide creative people with  time, space, and inspiration to pursue their ideas.

Our vision is that the town of Willits, California thrives as a beacon of energy, ideas, and opportunity, where creative thinkers have time to play, experiment, explore, research, develop, reflect, work, produce, recharge, see, grow, exchange, and, simply, be.

Today, too many artists and creative thinkers lack time, space, and support to do their work. Meanwhile, this region is struggling to define, re-imagine, and strengthen its economic and social systems for the next generation and beyond. The North Street Collective seeks to answer both these challenges by offering a place to work creatively in a way that is informed by and responds to our local surroundings. Everyone involved here come from a variety of background and disciplines, or are working experimentally across several disciplines. These include traditional visual and performing arts, social justice, agriculture, and science. In keeping with Willits’ unique heritage and sense of place, creative people working with local materials, Native American and Mexican artists, and artists whose work is connected to timber and ecology have special priority.  Through our programs, we seek to stimulate innovative exploration while providing a platform for local residents and visitors to engage with the art community and with each other. Through the residencies, workshops, showcases, and other programming, we offer multiple points of access into modes of expression and ideas. Our hope is to inject positive activity into the town and region and sustainable economic, social, and environmental stewardship exchange through creative endeavors.

In short, North Street is a place to decentralize and deinstitutionalize art practice: we love to see how ideas develop, grow, and sometimes even fail. We are a test space for new ideas and a social space for interaction. Through our work, we help artists build sustainable practice and foster a variety of work that appeals to a variety of audiences, offering joy, comfort, inspiration, and interaction.

Our guiding principles:

  • Place: we connect to and seek to draw inspiration from the attributes of this special place
  • Hope: we approach our work with a sense of possibility and aspiration
  • Interconnectedness: we recognize and celebrate connection, with each other and with the world around us
  • Action: we believe in the importance of taking steps forward, even if we are not sure where they might lead
  • Continuous Feedback: we seek to listen, understand, and improve

North Street Collective