Meet the Collective

Who Are We?

We are creative people who love this place. We are passionate about our work, and we seek to offer other creative people time, space, connection, and opportunity to solve problems together and do great work.

What’s Our Mission?

North Street Collective gives artists and the local community timeĀ and space to share their stories and produce new work.

At the North Street Collective, artists and creative thinkers:

  • have time, space, and support to produce new work;
  • ask questions and try new approaches;
  • share knowledge and build connections;
  • explore stories about place, identity, and the natural environment; and
  • infuse new energy, ideas, and activity into local economic, civic, and culturalĀ life.

We offer a curated Artist Residency program.

We run an Apprentice Program for talented local young people.

We offer exhibits, classes, workshops, and pop up community art.

We partner with everyone we can to share our work and build community.

North Street Collective