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  1. Introducing the Resident Artist Class of 2019!

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    For Immediate Release

    March 23, 2019


    North Street Collective is thrilled to announce its Class of 2019 Resident Artists!


    The class of 11 dynamic and diverse artists was selected from over 50 applicants from around the world. They are visual artists, poets, writers, printmakers, photographers, sculptors, filmmakers, and multimedia makers. Each artist will be in residence at North Street for two months and will offer free workshops and classes to the community, in addition to showing work in progress at the end of the residency.


    This year, each resident’s work is intimately connected to and inspired by Willits and Mendocino County. We are especially excited for this group of creative makers to work, learn, and grow with local community members and especially our local young people during their residencies.


    Mark your calendars for Artist Community Workshops on May 30, July 18, and September 26 from 6-8pm and Artist Showcases on June 23rd, August 18th, and October 13th from 5:30-8:30pm… with more to come!


    Jared Boechler, Visual Artist

    Saskatoon, Canada

    “I have a sincere interest in continuing to learn about the intricacies of my heritage as a Metis artist, and my ultimate goal is to contribute to an enriched understanding of Indigenous perspectives. I look forward to becoming an active part of the North Street community during my residency.”


    Dagie Brundert, Super 8 Filmmaker and Pinhole Photographer

    Berlin, Germany

    “I am in the business of throwing small, short beauty bombs into the world. I cannot help it and I will never stop. The world is complicated and dangerous and beautiful, people are brutal, greedy and stupid but also confused, loving, and incredibly social.”


    Clarissa Callesen, Sculptor and Installation Artist

    Ferndale, Washington

    “I am interested in both the environmental and cultural impact of waste. I wish to explore through abstraction, and the use of low brow, commonplace materials the symbolic and literal connections between worthless objects and the way humans can be discarded through exploitation, marginalization, and abuse.”


    Christine Carr, Photographer

    Story City, IA

    “I question why we do what we do, especially when it harms the environment and ourselves. Why are we not as thoughtful as we should be with our habits? Why do we pollute the air and land when we need to both to survive? Why do we destroy nature when we turn to it for peace, refuge, and joy?”


    MK Chavez, author

    Oakland, California

    “I am a product of the Salvadorean diaspora. My writing is concerned with the connection between the personal and the universal, nature, our natures, wilderness, wildness, and the ways that being under attack survive. It is a source of great joy and inspiration to work with writers and artists of all ages to explore and help them unearth their own words.”


    Anne Garvey, Visual Artist

    Oakland, California

    “My hope is not only to present my work to others, but also to facilitate a way for the people of Willits to share their challenges and constraints.”


    Kathryn Kain, printmaker

    San Francisco, California

    “How humans connect with the natural world is the source of my inspiration. I build and react to subliminal associations without imposing order, engaging change and accident to coalesce color, form and light.”


    Emily Lobenz, Filmmaker

    New York, New York

    “The life cycle of fungi inspired the grand metaphor I reach towards in this series. Every individual has dreams and desired, but they can’t reach those alone. However, just like fungi spores, if they collaborate in a collective interest by forming a network and pooling resources, they’ll reach a greater capacity to produce this fruiting body of change. The main character in the series embraces the challenges to engage the community in a shared purpose of ecological restoration. Her idealist vision (and perhaps mine too): diverse fungi and microbial communities will heal nature and as a result the community may heal itself.”


    Jessica Mehta, author

    Hillsboro, Oregon

    “Contrary to popular belief, “writing” does not exist in a silo. I’m excited about this opportunity because of the community-focused nature and because it feels a bit like coming home. When my mother died in early 2019, I thought I might not ever get a chance to return to the area. I will be moving to India at the very end of 2019. The North Street Opportunity doesn’t just provide the time and space to create and collaborate, but the right time and place.”


    Jazzminh Moore, Painter

    Willits, California

    “Eventually, I’d like to develop a body of work that rides the edge between the objective and the subjective.”

  2. Advice for future North Street Artists from the Class of 2018…

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    “Surrender to the time, the freedom to create, and the opportunity to connect with people and place.”

    “Revel in the light of place, space, and community of Willits!”

    “The open houses /artist presentation nights are amazing! You’ll meet so many wonderful people. Go into them with an open heart.”

    “Prepare for a warm community of people in a lovely small town, with beautiful stretches of time to go deep into your project. Take advantage of all the nooks and crannies – especially the outdoor areas. I only started sitting by the pond the last week and wish I had spent more time there – such a peaceful spot. And I had really wonderful co-residents whose work/lives have continued to influence and inspire me.”

  3. 2018 North Street Artist Roll Call

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    Artists-in-Residence, Class of 2018

    • Becky Brown, Visual Artist from Bronx, New York
    • Milagros Collective, Placemakers from Gainesville, Florida
    • Pamela DeLaura, Visual Artist from Detroit, Michigan
    • Daniel Duffy, Poet from Gainesville, Florida
    • Erin Elder, Curator from Albuquerque, New Mexico
    • Kadi Franson, Visual Artist from Berkeley, California
    • Madeleine Gendreau, Visual Artist from San Francisco, California
    • Rose Howse, Writer from Greensboro, North Carolina
    • Adam Kelly, Graphic Artist from Providence, Rhode Island
    • Briahn Kelly-Brennan from Sebastopol, California
    • Aubrey Laughlin, Poet/Photographer from Talent, Oregon
    • Peter Makela, Painter from Baltimore, Maryland
    • Susan Meyers, Writer from Seattle, Washington
    • Everest Pipkin, Writer from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
    • Suzanne Rivecca, Writer from San Francisco, California
    • Marci Vogel, Poet from Culver City, California
    • Amie Whittemore, Writer from Murfreesboro, Tennessee
    • Emily Yamauchi, Graphic Novelist from Oakland, California

    Local Affiliate Artists, Class of 2018

    • Ricky Bravo, Filmmaker
    • Ashleigh Caudill, Culinary Artist
    • Noel Woodhouse, Visual Artist


    Apprentice Class of 2018

    • Josiah Meinicke
    • Ian Bertolino Haley
    • Joseph White


  4. What our artists are saying…      

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    Reflections from our 2018 Artists in Residence…

    “The support of the North Street Collective helped me feel more capable as an artist while instilling in me that artists have responsibility (both environmental and social) to the places and people that they are inspired by.”

    “The residency was absolutely wonderful in every way & I’m incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to have taken part.”

    “My relationships with the community and the other residents has been the biggest takeaway from the experience! I was also fortunate to create a new body of work during our time together, and have the opportunity to enjoy a special and beautiful place.”

    “I loved having all the time to work! Especially with other writers- I usually share space with artists, and it was great just having these little pockets of quiet work space around the house. While I was there, I made this twitterbot;, wrote a magazine article, talked to a lot of locals about the highway overpass, and started some planning work for a new videogame about domestic space and ecology. It was a great time!”

    “All living things are connected. I learned I could survive in a new place, surrounded by strangers, and be creative. I learned to trust myself and others, more open without judgement, and make artwork outdoors without a formal designated space. The wisdom and love shared by my cohorts is something I will always cherish.”

    “This residency really allowed me to be process-oriented instead of strictly goal-oriented, and that resulted in me finishing a piece that I didn’t expect to even start. It was just an ideal place to experiment and allow work to organically unfold in a way that felt pretty revelatory. One of the most personally productive residencies I’ve had.”

    “We realized that we could expand our practice into new mediums and materials. Having the time to slow down and taking away the pressures and stresses of our typical routine allowed us to relax into creating from a new and fun approach.”

    “I made major headway in a new body of work that I was preparing to show immediately on returning to New York – now my show is up and I’ve had a bit more chance to reflect on the work I did, and I know that my time at North Street was absolutely crucial to pushing this work forward.  One of the biggest ideas of my show – how language and communication are affected by digital technology – was largely made manifest at North Street. I also completed a large work that was totally unique and felt like a major new step – and risk.  Now that I have a bit of distance from it – and am getting responses to it from my home community in NY – I am seeing how much the time and space really meant.”


  5. Open Call for Artists!

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    North Street Collective proudly announces its…

    Open Call for Artists 2019!

    What is the 2019 Resident Artist Program?

    Located in Willits, Mendocino County, California, USA, the North Street Collective’s Resident Artist Program provides exceptional artists with time, space, and inspiration to explore ideas and produce work in a unique, small town American setting.

    Who Are North Street Artists?

    North Street welcomes creative makers from all over the world, working in or across any discipline. Artists stay at North Street for two months at a time, with freedom and support to do their work and explore this place. Recent artists have included: James Crosby, Becky Brown, Anne Beck,  Lynea Diaz-Hagan, and dozens of others. 

    How do I apply?

    Click here to learn more about the program, including information about the stipends, application and eligibility requirements. Deadline for applications is January 5, 2019. 

    Click here to apply today! 

  6. Highlights from August!

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    What a month at North Street! Two wonderful open houses, overflowing with art and food and community, residents working away on their projects day in and day out, delicious food and treats still flowing from garden… and the month isn’t even over yet!



  7. Highlights from the July Open House

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    Readings by Rose Howse and Marci Vogel, along with a photography exhibit of the work of Aubrey Ann Laughlin and a new exhibit of “grapestake” work by Noel Woodhouse, drew over 75 guests to the North Street Collective on Thursday, July 5th!  Once again, Ashleigh Nahreini drew inspiration from the North Street Garden and served delicious, locally-sourced food.

    Great people, great food, great place, great art… what more can you ask?



  8. Highlights from the June Open House!

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    What an evening! Nearly 60 community members came though our doors to explore Pamela DeLaura, Briahn Kelly-Brennan, and Kadi Franson’s work at the North Street Collective yesterday.

    Visitors from near and far mingled with the artists and were treated to Ashleigh’s homemade food and treats, made from the most local source of all: the North Street Garden!

  9. Highlights from the May Open House!

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