Apprentice Showcase 2014

Our second show features work from our Winter 2014 Apprentice class. Returning artists Anthony Gonzales, Tim Oslund, Katie Stranske and Tasia Hooks will present their new projects, and new artists RJ Aldaco and Melany Katz debut their first pieces.

Showcase Postcard Take Two_Page_1


Willits People Project

by Fernando Meza Katie Stranske Stephanie Jimenez Tasia Hooks

Willits People Project, Page 2

Willits People Project, Page 3

Willits People Project, Part Two

by Fernando Meza Stephanie Jimenez Tasia Hooks Katie Stranske


by Tim Oslund

Dirt (The Garden)

by Melany Katz

Mavis Shed Redesign

by Anthony Gonzalez

Mendocino County Mycorrhizae

by Katie Stranske

Ride a Bike!

by RJ Aldaco


Fernando Meza
Katie Stranske
Stephanie Jimenez
Tasia Hooks
Tim Oslund
Melany Katz
Anthony Gonzalez
RJ Aldaco

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