Project Threshold

by Pamela DeLaura

Project Threshold

A palpable current of unease can be felt across people and place. Perhaps it has emerged in response to the political climate, economic insecurity, or disconnect caused by pervasive technology. This unease has seeped into my consciousness.

To extend my creative practice and discover new pathways of expression, I enter new territory and cross internal and external thresholds. My participation as a North Street resident is a reciprocal relationship with people and place. In the last few years, I have lost six people that were very dear to me, reemphasizing the importance of connection to people and the lived environment. I have had chance interactions with strangers that have felt as significant as relationships to those with whom I am close.  “Project Threshold,” centers on the daily practice of drawing with the intent of increasing skill and redefining my art both aesthetically and conceptually through reflection, interaction, and exchange with the community of Willits.

The outcome of “Project Threshold” – preliminary and sustained drawings produced daily through individual or collaborative means – is

a record of all that was cultivated by discarding loss and crossing the threshold toward new experience and personal and creative growth.

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Pamela DeLaura

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