The Willits People Project is an imaging and storytelling project intended to capture the spirit of the people in this community through the eyes of our Apprentices and their Artwork.

Each Apprentice has nominated a “Willits Person,” the individual in their lives whom they feel most represents what they love about this place. Artists Fernando Meza, Katie Stranske, and Stephanie Jimenez set to work creating portraits of each “Willits Person.” Curator Tasia Hooks is documenting each of their stories in writing.


Willits People Project, Page 2


Liz Persico, Nominated by Tasia Hooks, Katie Stranske, 2013, Acrylic on canvas


Willits People Project, Page 3


Maricela De Santa Ana, Nominated by Fernando Meza, Fernando Meza 2013, Pencil

Miguel Jimenez, Nominated by Stephanie Jimenez, Fernando Meza 2013, Pencil


The artist(s):

Fernando Meza

Katie Stranske

Stephanie Jimenez

Tasia Hooks

This piece featured in:

Apprentice Showcase 2014

Other artworks in this show:

Willits People Project, Page 2

Willits People Project, Page 3

Willits People Project, Part Two


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