Meet the Collective

Who Are We?

We are creative people who love this place. We are passionate about our work, and we seek to offer other creative people time, space, connection, and opportunity to solve problems together and to inspire and promote regenerative creativity.

What’s Our Mission?

North Street Collective gives artists and the local community time and space to share their stories and produce regenerative work. At the North Street Collective, artists and creative thinkers:

have time, space, and support to produce new work;

ask questions and try new approaches;

share knowledge and build connections;

explore stories about place, identity, and the natural environment; and

infuse new energy, ideas, and activity into regenerative local economic, civic, and cultural life.

We offer a curated Artist Residency Program, an apprentice program, exhibits, classes, and workshops, pop up community art… and we with everyone we can to share our work and build community!


Our Staff

Natasha Hoehn, Founder and Artist

Natasha is an educator and artist based in Northern California. She has dedicated her life to creative regeneration in many forms, from planting gardens to writing plays to reimagining education systems.  A graduate of Yale University, Natasha is the founding artistic director of the Women’s vocal ensemble, Musae and performed her original one woman show, “Learning to Breathe” at the Marsh Theater in San Francisco. She has collaborated with numerous prominent makers, creators, planners, musicians, performers, writers, healers, and builders.


Noel Woodhouse, Program Coordinator and Artist

Artist Noel Woodhouse was born and raised in Willits and earned a B.S. in Spanish from UC Davis and a certificate in Green Building from Merritt College. He has returned home to educate and inspire a new generation of Willits youth. He teachers Green Building at local high schools and at Mendocino Community College. He is the founder of Willits High School’s Green Building Program.

Our Board

Hannah Appel, Board Chair

Hannah holds a PhD in Anthropology from Stanford University and is currently a Ciriacy-Wantrup Postdoctoral Fellow at UC Berkeley. In June 2014, she will begin her tenure at UCLA as an Assistant Professor of Anthropology. Hannah’s research interests include the anthropology of capitalism; U.S. oil and gas firms in Africa; the economic imagination. She is married to the sculptor James Crosby.

Gary Morrison

Gary attended the University of Colorado at Boulder and Stanford University, and served for more than thirty years as deputy counsel at the University of California Office of the General Counsel. He is a lifelong community leader and supporter of the arts, and is married to the violist and artist Gerry Morrison.

Alyssum Weir

Arts Council of Mendocino County Executive Director, Alyssum Weir, was formerly the assistant director at I-20, a contemporary art gallery in the Chelsea district of New York City. Alyssum has also managed the studios of contemporary artists in New York City; was the membership coordinator at Grantmakers in the Arts (Seattle); and completed internship programs at the Alliance for the Arts (NY) and the Smithsonian American Art Museum (DC).  Alyssum is also a jewelry artist whose work can be found at boutiques in Mendocino and Sonoma. She graduated from Kenyon College in 1996 with a B.A., double major in English Literature (poetry emphasis) and Psychology; and from Teachers College, Columbia University in 2004 with an M.A. in Arts Administration.

Our Fiscal Agent

North Street Collective is a Program of Community Initiatives, an organization that enables individuals and groups, working together, to create and invest in projects that benefit the public.

Our Partners

We are so grateful for the support and inspiration of the following partners:

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