Jaye Alison Moscariello


Jaye Alison Moscariello is a multi disciplinary artist with a developed background in two dimensional narrative art and video productions (some of which can be seen on vimeo).


While working on her Masters of Arts in Creative Praxis, at Transart Institute, (a multi cultural program,) and investigating the role environment plays in artistic output she began experimenting with new media including performance. The 37 minute film “Five Stages of THIS Artist’s Life” was a project she choreographed and created featuring three local dancers: Erin Schon-Brunner, Melany Katz and Natalie Menuit, and the music of her husband Bill Taylor.


Moscariello’s desire to communicate a lot in today’s chaotic world leads her to continual artistic proliferation. One painting or one hundred paintings can never provide enough of a forum to accommodate everything that she has to convey. She is driven by searching and processing what is immediately outside of her, and to what is deeply personal.


Her series, “Chase, The Monkey,” harks back to essence of the spirit, searching to reconcile people’s struggle both to be seen by their fellow primates and to find balance in a challenging and tumultuous environment, the world around them. This series became the basis for her newly published book “Capture the Moon.” The book is written in gender free language to be more accessible and is a tale about a monkey that loses its way in the world and finds it again through the power of looking within. It conveys a simple universal message “one can learn to take care of one’s self by listening to one’s inner voice. The fortified self can then be free to respond to pressing worldly conditions.” Book two is in process.
Last year in honor of Earth Day, Moscariello created a multi disciplinary art exhibition entitled “the Anthropocene Show” featuring local artist Linda MacDonald’s works and Moscariello’s Pool Series, and included a seed bomb workshop, musical events, and film in addition to the art of local students and writers responding to the subject of climate change.


POLITIC-OH! new works on paper

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