Kadi Franson

Visual representation, for me, can offer messages from lesser seen worlds. To better
access these messages, I practice ways of allowing intuition to be the driver for
mark making. My process borrows from the Surrealists. An example technique:
using the grain pattern and overall shape of an offcut of wood, allow a drawing to
emerge. My practice at times also allows space for responsive doodling and
‘automatic drawing.’ Sometimes I project into spills or marks. For example: make a
gentle wash, as unconscious of form and composition as possible, and then return
to it with tediously rendered, projected images. Like finding the shape of a jumping
dolphin in the clouds, I can never predict in advance what images these processes
will eventually reveal. That said, a pattern of themes has emerged over time:
Airborne detonations, soft collisions, knotty entanglements, tumultuous geologies,
and encapsulated cosmos have all become parts of a familiar visual vocabulary. In
these imaginary worlds, chasms, growth over char, an outward boom, or a waterfall
tied into a knot can become deeply personal reflections of an inner landscape.
Within them, there is the opportunity to find meaning: metaphors can transform into
guidance, messages of encouragement or wisdom, and release.


North Street Collective