Patrick Statz-Boyer


Immediately upon his arrival at North Street, Patrick began making connections with local gardeners and farmers. Through conversations at the Farmers’ Market, The Grange, in the grocery store, and across the fence with neighbors, he quickly gleaned knowledge on local growing conditions as well as tried and true techniques.

Mixing this newfound knowledge with research of his own and an intrepid spirit, Patrick dove headfirst into a number of projects here at North Street.  These include the preparation and planting of the 2014 vegetable garden, the creation of a new shade garden in the north yard, the digging of a pond, building of an adjacent hugelkultur bed, as well as raising and housing adorable and rambunctious chickens.

We’re grateful to Patrick for his time and talent during his stay at North Street. His contributions were huge, and will endure for a long time!


Huge Culture
North Street Collective